Fulminated [verb]

Definition of Fulminated:

criticize harshly

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Sentence/Example of Fulminated:

This flare was communicated to the percussion cap, or fulminate of mercury, at the base of the cartridge.

Mercury fulminate is more often employed in the detonator, and is prepared from mercury, alcohol, and nitric acid.

The most tremendous explosives refuse to explode unless some detonator like fulminate of mercury is set off first.

Digest copper (in powder or filings) with fulminate of mercury or of silver, and a little water.

It greatly resembles fulminate of silver in its appearance and general properties.

From that solution beautiful pearly spangles of fulminate fall down as the liquid cools.

It is therefore ill adapted for attaching the fulminate to copper caps.

The use of mercuric fulminate as a detonator dates from about 1814, when the explosive cap was invented.

The friction produces heat, the heat fires the fulminate, and off it goes with a crack.

The detonator is filled with some easily detonated substance, such as fulminate of mercury.