Fulmination [noun]

Definition of Fulmination:

tirade, condemnation

Synonyms of Fulmination:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fulmination:

Sentence/Example of Fulmination:

During this fulmination, Holland stood very quiet, and when he was about to depart, he begged permission to speak a few words.

Doubtless Erasmus knew his Rome well enough before he ventured to send such a fulmination as this into the midst of it.

Despite this fulmination of fury, the worthy bishop continued to use his threatened head in the service of mercy and sympathy.

Miss Sheridan, apparently for mere exclamatory purposes, now reread the fulmination of the absent partner.

Here was indeed a fulmination to strike an Englishman breathless and dumb with amazement.

Lady Lindores received this fulmination with comparative silence.

It loses all control except the fulmination of useless orders.

Pendletons fulmination appeared to have been expected by those who had previously been pursuing Longstreet.

This new fulmination had been prepared in a caucus of forty members of the slave-holding party, and was long and carefully framed.

The missionaries were well received at first, but a fulmination from Goa incited the people to rebellion.