Fulsomely [adverb]

Definition of Fulsomely:


Synonyms of Fulsomely:

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Sentence/Example of Fulsomely:

The theory of evolution is being patronised by Theists rather too fulsomely.

The Solicitor-General (Bacon), in his speech, took the opportunity of fulsomely bepraising the king after his manner.

Mr. Schwirtz introduced Una to the others so fulsomely that she was immediately taken into the inner political ring.

If perchance the master shows signs of being hurt, the dog falls into attitudes of sorrow, and apologizes fulsomely.

Gus got up, holding a sapient member of a sapient race who was hanging onto his beard, and thanked Ernst Mallin fulsomely.

Marie's creme proved a great success, and the others congratulated her on it so fulsomely that they made her blush.

They are fulsomely polite, but it is just that lip-service which sets the Englishman's back up.

He playes with his case as a cat would with a mouse, and be so fulsomely pedantique that a school boy would nauseate it.

All the young men expressed their acknowledgment—Jack rather fulsomely, Basset and Tremayne in a few quiet words.

That fatuous revenue officer, Lomax (Mr. Malleson), has written a fulsomely flattering life of him at which his gorge rises.