Fumes [noun]

Definition of Fumes:

pollution, gas in air

Synonyms of Fumes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fumes:


Sentence/Example of Fumes:

In smoking, they swallow the fumes of the tobacco which causes intoxication for a time.

The champagne was cold, and its subtle fumes played fantastic tricks with Edna's memory that night.

While they were talking another shell entered the small apartment, exploded, and filled the air with dust and stifling fumes.

And while the men breathed the bitter fumes, Chew-chew threatened the angry god and commanded him to go away.

Each sprite of aromatic perfume when released plunged into noiseless tumult with opposing fumes.

The fumes of the sulphur have the effect of destroying the color, or whitening the straw.

The fumes of the tobacco were carried by the air into the house, and brought back Ruth's sick headache.

The room should be moist with steam when the sulphur is set afire so that the fumes will act effectually.

Acid fumes escaping under the vat lids made the haze and seared the man's throat.

The fumes of the chloroform seemed to have closed over Dangerfields consciousness once more.