Fuming [verb]

Definition of Fuming:

get very upset about

Synonyms of Fuming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuming:

Sentence/Example of Fuming:

Smoking, the angry and fuming king protests, had made our manners as rude as those of the fish-wives of Dieppe.

At its orifice reappeared the gold, spouting up furious and fuming, as if insulted by the vile metal which confined it.

And the colonel and the squire made themselves anything but comfortable, fretting and fuming at the delay.

While he was thus fuming inwardly, a handsome, dark-eyed youth came up and inquired which was the bride.

Mayo accosted the captain when that fuming gentleman came lunging along the sidewalk.

He went, fuming and raging inwardly, and began at once to ask the nature of the intruder's business.

The trains roared by like projectiles level on the darkness, fuming and burning, making the valley clang with their passage.

They were trifling remains, but they sufficed, and the six fuming halves of pennygrabs were confirmatory.

He wore a derby hat and a fuming calabash pipe, removing both for a courtly bow to the ladies.

I smiled at his fuming ardor, and glancing at the pair of pistols hanging from his saddle-bow, asked if he could shoot.