Functionality [noun]

Definition of Functionality:

range of capabilities

Synonyms of Functionality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Functionality:


Sentence/Example of Functionality:

When asked whether she knew the stool would be an instant hit, she told me, confidently, “Yes, the functionality of being a stool with the quickness of being food,” made the chair an easy sell.

When you need reactive page elements as part of site functionality, in other words, elements that change when universal or user-specific data changes, that’s when React becomes an excellent choice!

To enable this functionality, business owners must sign up with one of Google’s supported scheduling providers.

Although Google said “the API is backward compatible and there are currently no changes in scope or functionality,” there are some changes you should be aware of.

The platform’s acquisition by Microsoft has expanded its business features and functionality, making it a stand up and authoritative tool for business sales teams.

Make sure your website’s looks and functionality are perfect on every device by putting it through the SEOAURA Website Responsive Test.

With the increased functionality and deployment capabilities comes a cost – the question of SEO performance.

The general notions of functionality, limits and continuity are explained in the article Function.

The nearest to it to be found there is "Functionality," which is defined as — "The state of having or being a function."

It had much of the functionality of my defunct systems, in a package I could slip in my shirt pocket.