Functionary [noun]

Definition of Functionary:

person who has high position in

Synonyms of Functionary:

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Sentence/Example of Functionary:

The stranger regarded Hedges attentively, rather to the discomfiture of that functionary, who thought he was doubted.

On glancing at the address, the parochial functionary observed that it contained no name.

Algernon relied on Mr. Gibbs, he said, and made himself very pleasant in his dealings with that functionary.

A door slammed at the rear upon the retreating German, whom this superior functionary had dispatched about his business.

And I may add that the baby in arms was rarely trusted to this functionary, except for airings in the garden under my eye.

He would have even avoided his taciturn landlord as he drove up to the door; but that functionary waylaid him on the steps.

A parish registrar must be a very important functionary in the estimation of these High Church devotees.

When that clock-governed functionary was missing something indeed must be going wrong.

Besides lecturing, this functionary is the medium of all the students' pecuniary relations with the college.

On appealing to the local magistrate, he was treated by that functionary with great discourtesy.