Functioned [verb]

Definition of Functioned:

perform, work

Synonyms of Functioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Functioned:

Sentence/Example of Functioned:

The autopilot functioned perfectly, however, and Logan trusted it to the point of insouciance.

Barlow had a mind which functioned with amazing rapidity on matters pertaining to his own interest.

She was fully dressed now and I was struck by the peculiar manner in which this peculiar team functioned.

When the soul is separated from the body, those powers which functioned with the aid of the body perish; the others remain.

Here was where Ngurn officiated and functioned religiously for himself and the twelve tribes under him.

This committee functioned thruout the case and up until the final audit of their account on June 12, 1917.

In the first place, the only thing I had to hide was my conviction about a secret organization and how part of it functioned.

If the cells below functioned as the cells above, there would be no question about the stock and scion being the same.

From private advices, the young gentlemen concerned seem to have functioned with efficiency either way.

The spotbroadcasters in emotional voices gave the news to those whose radios still functioned.