Functions [noun]

Definition of Functions:

capacity, job

Synonyms of Functions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Functions:

Sentence/Example of Functions:

In the old days every great man kept a toad-eater; sometimes his functions were highly paid—Wolff's are, I fancy.

The Commandant was to take over the offices, staff, and functions of the late Civil Governor.

They have been divided into three great classes, of widely different properties, composition, and functions.

In both cases the judicial functions were usurped by a body unfit to exercise such functions.

But the offerings were by no means confined to the young men that Isabel met at the functions of the week.

The structure and functions of the various state departments were also changed by this act to make each department more effective.

The functions of the nervous system—sensation and voluntary motion—cannot be explained by any other theory.

Twice he had dined at the White House, and his name was frequently in the list of guests at other dinners and functions.

The wealthy inhabitants usually paid instrumentalists, often foreign musicians, to play at various social functions.

He must estimate his own services and allow himself a salary in proportion, for that will be one among his functions.