Fundamentally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Fundamentally:

Sculptors Davide Prete and Warren Chambers offer eloquent sculptures that share some attributes yet are fundamentally different.

Because it’s fundamentally integrated into Unreal Engine on the whole, it can take advantage of some of the features baked into the platform.

We are of the principle that what works for acquisition fundamentally works for retention as well.

I ask, thinking back on our numerous conversations about how a high-speed, comfortable, enclosed lift to the summit will fundamentally change the King’s no-frills, low-key vibe.

To the founders, YC’s backing validates Djamo’s premise that financial service distribution across the Francophone Africa region is fundamentally changing towards applications.

Such robots will fundamentally change the concept of machines, showcasing a new breed that can change their form and behavior over time—just like us.

After more than two decades at the helm, it’s hard to imagine he is a fundamentally changed man.

The recognition that these challenges are fundamentally linked isn’t new.

If we do that, 2030 will be fundamentally different than the horrors that we’re experiencing today.

As Zuboff argues, the wealth of the Big Tech companies has come from extracting data about our behaviors and using the insights from those data to manipulate us in ways that are fundamentally incompatible with democratic values.