Fundamentals [noun]

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This is one of the fundamentals in that large class of cases growing out of deceit.

Their laws were at various times revised and added to, and finally printed in 1671, under the title of "Their Great Fundamentals."

Only so can the fundamentals of religion and the duties of church membership be intelligently grasped.

To the chapter on Fundamentals must be added that on Things figurative touching the reason of types.

In this field, as in "Carpentry," I do not find any guide which is adapted to teach the boy the fundamentals of mechanics.

The plan contemplates the teaching of the simple fundamentals at first and applying them incidentally as the occasion demands.

Gibbon forgets here that cannon and the fundamentals of modern military method came to Europe with the Mongols.

These necessary fundamentals of style are hardly felt by the artist to constrain his individuality of expression.

Covers everything in scientific boxing from fundamentals to ring generalship.

If we are to do our work properly, we must base it completely upon modern psycho physical fundamentals.