Funded [verb]

Definition of Funded:

provide money for

Synonyms of Funded:

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Sentence/Example of Funded:

The compositions received have been funded in the Three per Cent, Consols to an amount exceeding 900l.

The half of the money due the Indians, and to be paid after their landing in their new homes in the West, is to be funded.

An estate of £7000 a year, besides heaps of prize-money funded.

I verily believe, Darcy, the most troublesome animal on the face of the globe is an old maid with a small funded capital.

The temporary and short time paper was gradually funded into these bonds.

It is therefore necessary to discover his funded thoughts, and to beware of expounding too much.

Man is inclined, according to Stricker, to inhibit associations which are not implied in his funded complexes.

Betsey funded her property for some time, and then, by the advice of her man of business, laid it out on landed security.

Some others quietly realized their means in like manner by driblets and funded them abroad.

Thus we shall have all the benefits of a funded national debt, with none of its attendant evils.