Funereal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Funereal:

The Frenchman shrugged his shoulders as he stepped into his perfectly-appointed but funereal-looking little brougham.

Towards some remote churchyard without a name In forced funereal marches my steps come; Far from the storied sepulchres of fame.

The long moss, reaching from the overhanging branches to the water, gave to the surroundings a most weird and funereal aspect.

Even the somber cedars lost some of the funereal gloom they wore when the skies were lowering.

The sacrificial joint and the funereal raiment, let those who find them bury them.

The Australian mountain forests are funereal, secret, stern.

My lady herself bewailed the fermentation among the jam-pots with a voice that did more than whine, it was almost funereal.

The piety of the age hid itself in monasteries; and these monasteries were as funereal as society itself.

"Poland's Dirge," one of his most famous works, is called the most funereal song in existence.

Its funereal, oppressive aspect smote him suddenly with the chill of a terrible loneliness.