Funk [noun]

Definition of Funk:

fear, depression

Synonyms of Funk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Funk:

Sentence/Example of Funk:

In some ways, this 2020 season, as chaotic as it has become because of the pandemic, has served as an attention-grabbing endeavor for Funk.

Expect to hear vintage funk, deep house, downtempo and Baltimore club bangers — all adding up to the perfect weekend soundtrack, whether you’re on a makeshift dance floor on Friday night or just chilling on your sofa on Wednesday evening.

A saison might showcase a brettanomyces yeast that carries the funk of a barnyard.

Three thousand miles away, news of the project’s approval sent Bill Gow, a cattle rancher from southern Oregon, into a lasting funk.

The slinky funk song playing in my head screeched to a halt.

Little time was lost in bringing the doctors—Anderson, of the man-of-war, and his friend Dr. Funk.

While I am by no means prepared to admit that I am what you so pleasingly term "a funk," I readily allow that——'

Suddenly a white funk comes over me and I rush out and into the taxi again.

You seem to be taking things coolly, but I don't mind confessing that I'm in a blessed funk.

The fact is, I let Harry Tristram put me in a funk, you know.