Funking [verb]

Definition of Funking:

have an odor

Synonyms of Funking:

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Sentence/Example of Funking:

As Funk inched toward more playing time in 2018, he broke his hand during an early season practice and needed surgery.

Before the flight home from California, Funk said Wisconsin pulled the scholarship because a few other linebackers committed in quick succession.

He was an integral force in the Terps’ overtime win against Minnesota and the historic victory at Penn State, the school where Funk’s dad played but years later never offered his son a scholarship.

Expect to hear vintage funk, deep house, downtempo and Baltimore club bangers — all adding up to the perfect weekend soundtrack, whether you’re on a makeshift dance floor Friday night or just chilling on your sofa Wednesday evening.

They threatened Barney scores of times with their sticks, but he came on, funking awfully, but still doing whatever Tom told him.

It was no use, he said, snivelling, or funking the thing; so he went into battle valiantly.

George almost hoped she would, for he was, as he confessed to himself, “funking it.”

He knew what "get him" meant Barney Green turned on him, and savagely asked if he was "funking" again.

He liked the sound of the jellies and the tipsy-cake, and just at present he knew of no special reason for “funking” the doctor.

Funking, Mr. Spokesly decided, obstinately remaining close to the dodger and staring straight ahead—towards Asia Minor.