Funniest [adjective]

Definition of Funniest:

comical, humorous

Opposite/Antonyms of Funniest:

Sentence/Example of Funniest:

If anything, Dick Mattingly was funniest by nature, and made her laugh more.

Weren't they the funniest and the dearest people he had ever known?

"Funniest thing I ever heard of," he muttered, abashed by the inquiring looks directed at him.

I trotted out my funniest stories, and the eight men about me laughed heartily as I proceeded.

Well last night, after I'd had a little liquor, the funniest thing happened.

Oh, Helen, she exclaimed in a moment to that young lady who was down on her knees packing the big box, its the funniest letter.

But really this dance of the sand-hill cranes was the funniest sight she had ever seen in her life!

But the funniest part came afterwards, for when I came away Johann had grown a whole foot, and was quite a man.

I guess it's goin' t' be one o' th' funniest lookin' armies that was ever seen outside of a lunatic asylum.

They thought the pillows were the funniest things they ever saw.