Funniness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Funniness:

He found the latter funny and would create confrontations where none existed.

Humans desperately pleading with their dogs to fetch some keys to free their owners from a jail cell is pretty funny.

Intentionally take a perspective that appreciates the funny side of events.

Totah plays the token rich cheerleader ready to defend the honor of every Kardashian, and is at her funniest when she’s trying to be serious.

There’s a very funny Norwegian comedy on Netflix about Vikings called “Norsemen.”

My wife declared the Chevy Bolt and Prius' plug-in hybrids to be too funny looking.

Even with the nurses and doctors in full PPE and patients struggling to survive from hospital beds, 76 Days manages to be funny and heart-racing, heartbreaking and humanizing — and it ends, improbably enough, on a note of hope.

As deep as it is, The Forty-Year-Old Version is surprisingly lol funny.

This kind of cut is so funny to me because it reinforces how, on some level, we never know when everything is going to abruptly stop, when the timer restriction on our own lives will suddenly arrive.

I exclaimed in dismay, adding in a feeble attempt at funniness: "It might save you fishing out my remains later."