Furbelows [noun]

Definition of Furbelows:

trinket; decorative piece

Synonyms of Furbelows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furbelows:


Sentence/Example of Furbelows:

How ridiculous that one should suffer from want of a frill or a furbelow!

I invited that furbelow widow to stay on purpose to spare me this almost tte--tte meeting.

It was a hull week afore I could make up my mind to go out of my office, and the sight of a furbelow raly made me sick.

I'll tear the furbelow off your clothes, and when you swoon for vexation, you shan't have a penny, to buy a bottle of hartshorn.

Her sex was the very essence of her; she had no need to wear it like a furbelow.

I swore I hadn't four marks a year, and I've my fellowship for telling the furbelow.

There was not a flower or ruche or frill or furbelow or bow about her dress of which he did not make a mental inventory.

And, if it were a mere fal-lal, a furbelow of larval coquetry, even that would not surprise me.

A furbelow of precious stones, a hat buttoned with a diamond, a brocade waistcoat or petticoat, are standing topics.

Then why, in the name of common sense, did you gaze so earnestly at the furbelow lady herself?