Furbished [verb]

Definition of Furbished:

polish; renovate

Synonyms of Furbished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furbished:






Sentence/Example of Furbished:

Also folks cannot neglect their cleanliness and then furbish themselves up in a day.

He found everything but what he wanted most—the code book, by which he could furbish up on dots and dashes.

The men were halted outside the town and given time to furbish themselves up for the occasion.

It only induces Guido to furbish up his tools for a fresh assault.

Breakfast was a half-hour later, and when that was over there was nothing much to do but furbish up for church.

Spring arrived, and they began to furbish their lodgings anew and to look to their stores and stocks.

He steadily refused to polish, to file or to furbish—the damning, inevitable sign of a man born to wear a golden tassel.

Look you, my good Stephen, can't you let me go in somewhere and furbish myself up a little before breakfast?

Can you furbish up your old ones till then, and thereby prove yourself sensible for once?

I 'd wager he is gone off to Dublin to furbish up securities, or something of that kind.