Furiously [adverb]

Definition of Furiously:


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Sentence/Example of Furiously:

For any car fans in your life who have been cooped up indoors for months, here are some fun holiday gifts to satisfy their fast-and-furious fantasies.

How that’s done has been largely up to state officials, and the most furious fighting over it is happening in state capitols and courts.

After the test, her associate professor fired off a furious email ripping into her class for some “negative behavior” the software had flagged.

Spears gossip coverage became even more pantingly furious as her appearance changed.

Emily is furious with Lorelai, and Lorelai is furious with Rory.

We Build the Wall’s first project was a half mile of fencing in Sunland Park, New Mexico, just outside El Paso, where Kolfage grew furious when local officials halted construction because of a lack of building permits.

Miss Christabel blushed furiously and emitted a sound half between a laugh and a scream.

Passing a bungalow that was blazing furiously, he saw in the compound the corpses of two women.

Augustus Theodore did not, in consequence of his father's absence, draw less furiously upon the bank!

There could be no doubting the errand that brought a cavalcade thus furiously from the direction of Lucknow.