Furled [verb]

Definition of Furled:

wrap up

Synonyms of Furled:




Roll up

Opposite/Antonyms of Furled:


Sentence/Example of Furled:

They were certainly perfectly white long after we left Rio; they have not been either furled or unbent.

The racing boats were anchored in line, with their sails furled; their places having beforehand been determined by lot.

The Viking followed, and likewise anchored at a little distance, and sails were furled.

Scarcely were the sails furled than the storm which had been brewing burst above our heads.

It was blowing a whole-sail breeze, too fresh for the lighter canvas; the royals were furled as soon as close-hauled.

Four of the sailors were rowing slowly, and the sail had been lowered and furled while he was asleep.

Its sweeps were shipped, its great lateen sails furled on the yards.

The jib was not furled, but got ready to "let go" in case of fierce gusts.

With a run the foresail and mainsail were lowered and furled.

Two of their oars for the time are idle, and the sail, as it were, fast furled.