Furloughs [noun]

Definition of Furloughs:

leave of absence

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Sentence/Example of Furloughs:

Two of the nation’s largest airlines said tens of thousands of workers again could face furloughs as demand for air travel continues to lag amid the slow rollout of coronavirus vaccines and new testing requirements for international travelers.

Events have been canceled, advertising deals have been pulled and layoffs and furloughs have been a harsh reality.

The budget does not include any widespread layoffs or furloughs of state employees.

This winter, a scattering of hospitality brands are finding ways to innovate and offer new experiences during the pandemic as the industry continues to weather the fight against ongoing closures, furloughs and layoffs.

Association president Marshall Weston said the bans on indoor dining in Montgomery and Prince George’s and on indoor and outdoor dining in Baltimore City have led to layoffs and furloughs amid the Christmas holiday season.

While the furloughs and layoffs were largely driven by the sudden shock of the coronavirus crisis in March and April — over 11,000 of those layoffs came in the first half of the year — the reality is that media companies endured staff cuts all year.

It wasn’t at first, precisely because so many of the job losses were temporary furloughs.

Employees must be notified of potential furloughs as much as 90 days in advance.

Layoffs at state and local governments are just beginning, and many service industries will convert furloughs to layoffs if the pandemic continues to rage.

In April, ESPN asked its highest-paid commentators and executives to take pay cuts, avoiding furloughs and layoffs at the time.