Furnace [noun]

Definition of Furnace:

heating mechanism

Synonyms of Furnace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furnace:

Sentence/Example of Furnace:

Doing so will create a small internal furnace that can burn anywhere from six to 12 hours, depending on the model.

These units typically connect to the house’s furnace and use warm air or fans to distribute the moisture into the system.

While the blank entering the furnace at the left appears cloudy, the one emerging on the right is a solid, clear mass.

Having turned off its nuclear furnace, the star now enters a cooling phase.

He shall give his mind to finish the glazing, and his watching to make clean the furnace.

Such a furnace worked there for many years, until copper smelting was removed from Cornwall to Wales.

It is therefore uncertain from these statements which furnace consumes the greater quantity of air.

A few pails of water, put into the furnace in the morning, is sufficient for a day's work.

The furnace where the Khamsîn brewed in distant Nubia sent its warnings in advance; it was slowly travelling northward.

The smoking furnace symbolized the people of Israel who were to be tried in the iron furnace of affliction in Egypt.