Furnished [adjective]

Definition of Furnished:


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Sentence/Example of Furnished:

The RV resort with RV stalls and furnished vacation rentals is expected to open in early 2021.

It allowed agents to explore various realistic virtual environments, like a furnished apartment or cubicle-filled office.

But men we had known and trails we had followed furnished us plenty of grist for the conversational mill.

And when he took an underground stroll he was almost sure to find a few angleworms, which furnished most of his meals.

The room was prettily furnished, and Georgie had often accused herself of extravagance.

The regulation chairs and tables of the furnished house had been banished from Mrs. Haggard's drawing-room.

Amerigo Vespucci sailed with three ships furnished him by Emanuel of Portugal.

The melody or tune is played on one of the pipes furnished with holes for the purpose, while the other three give a drone, bass.

What was equally important, a thick clump of cottonwood and willow furnished tolerably secure concealment.

Most large organs now built are furnished with a pedal for reversing the position of the Great to Pedal coupler.