Furnishings [noun]

Definition of Furnishings:

appliances, furniture

Synonyms of Furnishings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furnishings:


Sentence/Example of Furnishings:

NoPg 84 cathedral in all England can approach it in elaborate carvings and furnishings or in interesting relics and memorials.

Yet fortunately, many of its ancient monuments and furnishings escaped the wrath of the Roundhead iconoclasts.

Like all racial beauties, bred by selection, she needed the arts of dress and furnishings to frame her.

The furnishings and decorations, as in the case of modern playhouses, seem to have been ornate.

A piano, a music-rack, and a drawing-table completed the modest furnishings of the room.

The furnishings are many hued, the cushions a flare of color, and the pictures fantastically futuristic.

The rest of the furnishings of the rooms include student's table, a lamp and several comfortable chairs.

Mats made entirely of any of the other colors would hardly be harmonious on a floor or wall, if there were any other furnishings.

The light of the lantern showed us a long room, bare of furnishings, and dark and musty from having been shut up so tight.

This means you can take over the border any of the furnishings of Soledad required by the lady for a home elsewhere.