Furniture [noun]

Definition of Furniture:

household property

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Sentence/Example of Furniture:

Among them, the lawsuit says, is an alleged failure by Us Helping Us to remove office furniture from the building during the renovation work and the presence of Us Helping Us employees working in the building at the time of the renovation.

Harlem Shuffle, about a furniture salesman wrapped up in a double life of crime, is something of a departure.

Investigators also said the biomedical arm wrongly covered millions of dollars in other administrative costs, such as having furniture removed from other parts of the building where its office was housed.

This piece of bedroom furniture will mold to your body weight and quickly return to its original shape when you get up, which means less time spent shuffling positions while trying to get comfortable every time you get into bed.

Down the road, it’s possible we’ll not only build furniture—but grow it too.

Conducted by the office furniture giant over the course of five months, the report summarizes findings from eight qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, and Spain.

However, while they can normally map your home to avoid furniture or alter suction levels to accommodate a rug versus a wood floor, even the best robot vacuums can’t do stairs and you’ll also have to give them a decent area to roam around.

Almost with tears in my eyes, I begged them not to grease up the walls and the furniture.

One of the first pieces of furniture he bought for the new place was a La-Z-Boy recliner.

They smashed windows, knocked over furniture, stole mail and other items from members of Congress, and made their way into the House and Senate chambers.