Furring [noun]

Definition of Furring:

the act of insulating

Synonyms of Furring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furring:


Sentence/Example of Furring:

A piece of furring strip should be run from the top of the pipe to the wall.

Stone buildings can be converted into good silos by furring out and double boarding on the inside.

There the people were more densely settled, the hinterland was small, and many therefore could not go furring.

Though the fur trapper as a rule is a most gentle creature, the "quality of mercy is not strained" in furring.

Wooden studding, furring, or lathing should not under any circumstances be placed against a chimney.

A sheathing on the outside plank between the timbers is laid vertically and fastened to horizontal furring strips.

In some instances a small amount of mortar is placed over each of the furring strips.

Furring employs large numbers of foreign males, and some thousands of both native and foreign females.

He was, he said, a planter furring; he had a line of traps, about a hundred and twenty miles in length.

Temporarily hard water may be softened by boiling; the lime will be deposited, as may be seen in the "furring" of tea-kettles.