Furthered [verb]

Definition of Furthered:

advance, lend support

Synonyms of Furthered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthered:

Sentence/Example of Furthered:

According to Gothard, Catherine was in all her mistress' secrets and furthered all her schemes.

It is expected that this end will be definitely furthered through the study and use of the material contained in this reprint.

He furthered malignant humours in his own time by his fondness for personal adornment.

But Irish divisions, fostered by the Union, fomented by statecraft and furthered by many Irishmen, grew steadily more pronounced.

This is the Eternal element in Christianity which has to be possessed and preserved and furthered.

Another accomplishment that has been furthered in Paris during the last three weeks is bicycle riding.

Habits of industry and thrift, therefore, are not uniformly furthered by a prevailing pecuniary emulation.

This differentiation is furthered by the inheritance of wealth and the consequent inheritance of gentility.

Its ascendency is furthered by the fact that leisure is still fully as effective an evidence of wealth as consumption.

But the cause of justice, the spread of education, will best be furthered if the State is strong.