Furthering [verb]

Definition of Furthering:

advance, lend support

Synonyms of Furthering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthering:

Sentence/Example of Furthering:

Men began to practise eloquence as an art, and to employ it in furthering their interests.

He sensed she could be coldly calculating; that neither qualm nor principle would keep her from furthering her own ends.

That simile, then considered the height of sublimity, had a powerful effect in furthering the writer's fortunes.

It is a practical problem, the fostering of human life and the furthering of its development.

He has served as school clerk and has been instrumental in furthering the interests of the local educational system.

Vast quantities of petroleum were procured, and tons of gun-powder were made the instruments for furthering this end.

The only effect it has is indirect in furthering the natural propensity of these people to an adoration of nature.

She is a married woman, and the fact is patent that you committed this crime with the view of furthering an immoral design.

You are devoted to her interests, furthering her happiness to the best in your power; but your power cannot touch her happiness.

She was as industrious and ingenious at her career as a Craig at furthering himself and his ideas in a public career.