Furthermore [adverb]

Definition of Furthermore:

in addition

Synonyms of Furthermore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthermore:


Sentence/Example of Furthermore:

This network, furthermore, gets more mileage out of the First Amendment than most, if not all, other media outlets.

Simply put, a small polling error in the GOP’s direction wouldn’t be that surprising and furthermore, it would be enough to give Loeffler and Perdue the advantage.

The IBWC says no treaty requires it to test and furthermore, it doesn’t have the money for it.

Officials in Alexandria, which serves roughly 16,000 students in Northern Virginia, furthermore inserted a new “Fair Treatment” statement into the 18-page document.

And furthermore, I imagine something else about this—quite unlike the old Bible—I imagine all of it periodically revised.

Furthermore, the parsons had had to accept the same amount of tobacco when the prices had previously declined.

Furthermore, a note is payable on demand when it is thus stated, or is payable at sight or on presentation.

She was furthermore attired in an old Paisley shawl belonging to her grandmother—what better way to advertise a grandmother?

Furthermore, an acceptance may be qualified as to time, acceptance of payment in part only and in other ways.

Furthermore, a constitutional requirement demanded payment of three years' poll taxes six months before general elections.