Furthermost [adjective]

Definition of Furthermost:

most distant

Synonyms of Furthermost:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthermost:


Sentence/Example of Furthermost:

Yet the gentle touch led him on—around and past the idol into the furthermost corner of the Temple.

You see I was in love with you, he observed, looking the other way and addressing one of the furthermost stars of the heaven.

At last he came to the furthermost summit of which his dear father had spoken so solemnly.

Then he sails to the village of Mattinata, and later to Vieste, the furthermost point of the promontory.

They fought and worked and trekked, onward, always onward—never returning—on beyond the furthermost outposts of civilization.

And so the days passed away, and the young man went into a far country, yea unto the furthermost isles of the sea.

We enter the coffee-shop: the seat at the furthermost end—the seat of honour—is always reserved for the Emir.

This flow to and from the great centre of population was incessant, and extended to the furthermost parts of the land.

If she were really engaged I would go away and hide myself in the furthermost corner of the world.

Westwards, it becomes an absolute craze to preserve and coddle it, to drag it out to its furthermost span.