Furthers [verb]

Definition of Furthers:

advance, lend support

Synonyms of Furthers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthers:

Sentence/Example of Furthers:

As a trodden path furthers a man, may they further us; help us with your brilliant favors.

The manner and the degree in which the class furthers learning through patronage of this kind is sufficiently familiar.

Nothing and nobody gets three lines unless he or it in some way furthers the war.

The Master said, To further what furthers the people, is not that kindness without waste?

Both public and private effort furthers Western education in the East.

The increased flow of blood to the mucous membrane of the colon furthers this extraordinary secretion by the glands.

Red heaps, and yellow heaps; and greenings, and purple pearmains, and streaked seek-no-furthers.

But consumption in its turn furthers production, by providing for the products the individual for whom they are products.

Production furthers consumption by creating material for the latter which otherwise would lack its object.

So that this warning indirectly furthers the appeal for sympathy with which the chapter began.