Furthest [adjective]

Definition of Furthest:

most distant

Synonyms of Furthest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Furthest:

Sentence/Example of Furthest:

“We know individual school communities are uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of their students furthest from opportunity,” the school system wrote in a letter to elementary school staffers last week.

Among the Covid-19 vaccines furthest along in development, the AstraZeneca-Oxford candidate is most likely to be affordable to low- and middle-income countries.

The union representing principals wrote a letter to city leaders arguing that the plan does not serve students “furthest from opportunity,” which Ferebee has contended it is designed to do.

China is furthest behind on its commitment to increase American energy imports.

Collectively, the US pre-orders represent just two of the five Covid-19 vaccines that are furthest along in the clinical trial process, and four of the 13 in later-stage trials.

During night enemy counter-attacked furthest trenches gained but was repulsed with heavy loss.

All at once a great noise was heard, and the furthest pile of wood fell in, emitting myriads of sparks.

The prodigal was a backslider: when furthest from home he could yet think and speak of the privileges of his father's house.

He fancied that he perceived, in the furthest depth of the dusky recess, something smiling.

It was the place in the world where he felt furthest away from his constituents.