Furtively [adverb]

Definition of Furtively:

in hidden manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Furtively:

Sentence/Example of Furtively:

We don’t understand what it’s made of or what its properties are, but it’s out there in the celestial background, furtively holding the Milky Way together.

I still remember, years ago, furtively kissing my girlfriend in my childhood bedroom at my family’s during the holidays.

First off, there’s a big difference between furtively flowed mouth sex with George Clooney and having sex with George Clooney.

I had barely seen another human for months, and those were mostly fellow face-masked shoppers on furtive grocery missions.

Brisley and Gunn, standing very close together on the bottom step of the stair to the third floor, watched the police furtively.

On calm days there came sinister vessels that sneaked furtively among the fleet.

Her eyes, veiled behind the long lashes of their drooping lids, followed him furtively.

Cash would sit and watch him furtively; but Bud was too engrossed with his own misery to notice it.

Professor Theobald looked furtively round, as if seeking some one, or watching the effect of his conduct on Mrs. Temperley.

They came slowly and furtively, moving a step or two at a time, then halting and peering, prepared to run.