Furtiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Furtiveness:

Future detections will further illuminate the furtive movements of these mysterious objects.

His eyes never moved, yet I sensed a furtiveness as marked as if he had peered suspiciously about.

And a new furtiveness—born of the new realisation—assailed her when at last she stepped from the cab at her own door.

The lawyer regarded him covertly, and noticed the furtiveness of his eyes, but Palliser sighed.

When she came out of her room they eyed her with a certain grim furtiveness, and they never said a word to her about Ephraim.

Masons furtiveness may, of course, have fooled even the publisher.

Now he moved to the open doorway, and somehow his original furtiveness had returned to him.

And she glanced about her at tiled walls and mosaic floors with a furtiveness that was none the less critical for being so sly.

There was a marked change in his bearing, a furtiveness and eager haste which ill accorded with his manner of a short time before.

They were bloodshot, with a heavy, hanging furtiveness, not unlike one of his own hunted steers.