Fused [verb]

Definition of Fused:

meld, intermix

Synonyms of Fused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fused:

Sentence/Example of Fused:

If you’re wondering about the fuse, look no further than this long-known truth about the perils of shorting stocks.

Four years later, Britain has become a hub for the West’s growing skepticism of China, and Covid-19 was the match that lit the fuse.

On being fused with twenty-three libras of lead, nothing was obtained from the said assay.

Or take Glinkas Night in Madrid; in what a masterly fashion the various sections of this overture are fused together!

But (in the Divinity) (these three, choice, being and will) do not form a multiplicity; they must be considered as having fused.

My wife tol' me zuzzer day she saw piece Crown Derby 'n' fainted dead way, 'n' r'fused t' come to f'r half 'n hour.

Health interests are fused with social and economic development, but should undoubtedly dominate rather than be dominated by them.

They seemed to consist of numerous smaller stones fused together.

The automatic trigger had become fused, and the control paths were shorted to full-drive throughout.

His face was an exclamation and interrogation point fused into one.