Fuselage [noun]

Definition of Fuselage:

bulk; central portion

Synonyms of Fuselage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuselage:

Sentence/Example of Fuselage:

Ingenuity has an incredibly lightweight design, clocking in at only 4 pounds with a fuselage slightly bigger than a softball.

One of those elements is the “aerodynamic shaping of the aircraft,” he mentions, like the plane’s long, skinny fuselage.

One of the main ways the plane aims to be so efficient is by keeping the air flowing smoothly over the fuselage for as long as possible.

A bullet struck the fuselage and ricocheted past his ear; another ripped a hole in the canvas of his wing.

Tam had a tray of bombs under the fuselage—something in destructive quality between a Mills grenade and a three-inch shell.

A few inches in front of my nose was the breach of a heavy machine-gun whose muzzle projected over the bow of the fuselage.

If left long enough, the gasoline manages to soak well into the fuselage before evaporating.

The fuselage of a plane, scarred and broken, was still held in the strong limbs.

Plumb-lines must be dropped over the leading edge of the top surface wherever struts occur, and also near the fuselage.

The fuselage may have become warped upward or downward, thus giving the tail-plane an incorrect angle of incidence.