Fusiform [adjective]

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Then your noggin’s face- and color-recognition unit, the fusiform gyrus, puts it into context.

It is probably caused by two micro-organisms living in symbiosis—one a fusiform bacillus, the other a long spirillum (Fig. 124).

In some the figure approaches to fusiform, as in most of the moths of the Fabrician genus Lithosia.

Fusiform: Outline of a parsnip, narrow at either end, broadest below the surface (Fig. 151, k).

The larva has a soft fusiform body, surmounted by a somewhat globose head.

The elaters are never fusiform, the apices always abrupt in their acumination, and the sculpture irregular and uneven.

Spores of Bilimbia trachona to illustrate the several-celled, hyaline, fusiform or dactyloid type.

Coloured sporidia are often large and beautiful: they are mostly of an elongated, elliptical form, or fusiform.

At other times the spores are fusiform, with regularly attenuated extremities, as in Ag.

Gen. Myxidium; spores elongated and fusiform, with a polar capsule at each extremity.