Fusing [verb]

Definition of Fusing:

meld, intermix

Synonyms of Fusing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fusing:

Sentence/Example of Fusing:

It asserted itself first as a penetrating and emphatic smell of burning rubber,—it was caused by the fusing of an electric wire.

The processes varied, but the firing or fusing was the same throughout.

Reaumur was probably the first to show that steel could be made by fusing malleable iron with cast-iron.

On the contrary, it was corrugated and pitted, with here and there patches that showed signs of heat and fusing.

The opening on the top of the bulb is made by melting on a bead of glass, expanding, bursting, and fusing the ragged edges.

But if it ever came down to it I should be able to knock down an airplane, gum up the works on a fusing detonator, maybe even—.

There are numerous instances of two cities fusing into one; but no city having once achieved its unity splits it up.

The difficulty was finally got over by soldering very narrow platinum tubes into the steel, and fusing the former into the glass.

The straight part of the side tube is then constricted ready for fusing off and the whole affair is placed on the vacuum pump.

All mankind are made a mighty whole, by the fusing power of benevolence.