Fussed [verb]

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Focus on heated vests that recharge fastWhen it comes to getting dressed and out the door, we all want to do it fast and without fuss.

It’s a platform for merchants to create their own digital shops with minimal fuss and limited technical know-how.

I figured it’s finally time to learn what all the backcountry-touring fuss is about—and I know I won’t be the only newbie strapping into a splitboard in search of untracked pow and a new form of cardio.

So far in every engagement we’ve had with the FTC and attorneys general, their feedback has been, “Now that we understand the data, we’re not actually sure what the fuss is about.”

Three-pound dumbbells, a backlit control console, and a Bluetooth heart rate armband allow users to engage in their preferred level of workout with minimal fuss and downtime.

No one had fussed over him like that since his mother died, and he was touchingly grateful.

The colonel, exercising his owner's prerogative, would have fussed about The Rogue until the last minute.

Mrs. Pagnell fussed about being seen on her emergence from the Jolly Cricketers.

Paul ground away at the letters, whilst Mr. Pappleworth fussed over various jobs.

We throbbed out of our yard above Hammersmith Bridge, fussed about for a moment, and headed down stream.