Fussiest [adjective]

Definition of Fussiest:

meticulous, particular

Opposite/Antonyms of Fussiest:

Sentence/Example of Fussiest:

One day as we were going out for breakfast, she was extremely irritable and fussy that morning.

Of its options, she says Philodendron bipennifolium and Rhaphidophora tetrasperma aren’t “super fussy.”

Farewell, too, energetic and laborious dancer, my partner's middle-aged fussy cousin!

"I don't know," he muttered in the face of a fussy little woman, who jumped aside to let him pass.

We could get along with her all right; sometimes she is splendid, even if she is so fussy.

By calling fussy little strikes often enough I could have kept the profits close to the zero mark.

I wish my wife was not so fussy, though that is a kind of thing, Lady Eustace, that one has to expect from young wives.

One of them was christened "Ma" on account of her maternal and somewhat fussy disposition.

Behind a fussy, self-satisfied exterior he hid a fund of kindness and good nature seldom to be met with.

This last was a cheerful topic broached by the fussy little man whose capacity for going ahead and meeting trouble was boundless.