Fussing [verb]

Definition of Fussing:


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Sentence/Example of Fussing:

It's not a milestone birthday, I just don't want anyone to make a fuss over me.

This one-pan feast of turkey with all the fixings puts a holiday dinner on the table without a lot of fuss or a sink full of dishes.

Soon after she reappeared, a Pathfinders boy in an aviation jacket and steampunk goggles at the neighboring field started making a fuss about the battery in his robot.

Oh, Analogue makes one…Analogue’s consoles are made for collectors who would prefer not to have to baby their original hardware, or want to upscale the signal and play wirelessly without too much fuss.

So he walked to the tree to look for blood and examine the fuss.

Nothing looks worse than to see a lady fussing over her dress in the street.

Dont you know how Cousin Nancy was always fussing because I would haunt the kitchen down there?

Among them are still fussing to and fro the insects, thou knowest, the bipeds that have never yet once defiled thee nor me.'

She was fussing with the starter by this time, but she smiled up at him and shook her head.

"We do the printing in father's room when he's well enough to be out digging and fussing with flowers," said Emmie.