Futon [noun]

Definition of Futon:

sofa bed

Synonyms of Futon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Futon:


Sentence/Example of Futon:

That night became two, and soon the boy claimed a futon in the upstairs office.

The Bean features a fold-up futon for the bed that can be used to create an indoor seating area around a stowable table if the weather goes south.

That night Yuki San lay once more on her soft futon and watched the shadow of the night-lamp play upon the screens.

To-day my father bring what 'Merican call bureau, and many work-box and trays and much fine futon for to sleep on floor with.

Overpowering any resistance, moral and physical, these energetic samurai women bundled their mistress well into futon (quilts).

Coughing up great clouts of blood, the girl sank back, dying on the futon.

The cries were repeated, and the guest, cold with horror, found that the voices proceeded from his futon (quilt).

The next day the landlord went to the second-hand shop where he had purchased the futon, and made inquiries.

The mats and futon of old-fashioned hotels are full of fleas.

Others followed her—to destruction or better luck, without futon.