Futuristic [adjective]

Definition of Futuristic:

ahead of one's time

Synonyms of Futuristic:

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Sentence/Example of Futuristic:

It’s not so hard to translate “futuristic” into titanium and carbon-reinforced plastic when you’re only building three bikes a day by hand—200 total—and charging $60K for each one.

Having made quite a nice chunk of change by selling a Windjammer fairing to everybody in America with a motorcycle, Craig Vetter began cranking out his futuristic, modified KZ1000 Mystery Ship.

The panelists said futuristic applications like enhancing intelligence, or making kids with increased disease resistance, remain too uncertain to attempt.

Musk continually drifted away from medicine and back to a much more futuristic “general population device,” which he called the company’s “overall” aim.

The futuristic casing was created by the industrial design firm Woke Studio, in Vancouver.

While the development of this futuristic-sounding tech is still in its early stages, the presentation is expected to demonstrate the second version of a small, robotic device that inserts tiny electrode threads through the skull and into the brain.

While building homes with 3D printers is becoming more scalable, it’s also still a fun way to play around with unique designs and futuristic concepts for our living spaces.

It’s hard to say what sort of wild, futuristic visions Musk and SpaceX may bring to fruition next.

The furnishings are many hued, the cushions a flare of color, and the pictures fantastically futuristic.

Pillbot looked up from examination of the "doodles" and followed Gault over to the futuristic statuary.