Fuzz [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fuzz:

I had a big stick with me—about six foot long it was—and did sometimes to beat fuzz with; so I takes the stick by one end.

I have wound it and purled it and worked on the thing till I'm tasting fuzz.

Or the sticks of cellulose, or the curved, wire device with fuzz at the ends?

She shrank back against him in a palsy of repugnance at about an inch of moving fuzz on a rhododendron.

The skin of quinces is covered with a thick fuzz, which can be removed by wiping the fruit with a damp cloth.

When they are to be served whole, they should be washed and then wiped with a damp cloth to remove the fuzz.

Wash them thoroughly and, in the case of peaches, rub the fuzz off the skins.

Wash the peaches, rub them to remove the fuzz, cut them in half, and take out the seeds.

She was dressed up, too; not in the Bounderbys' style—collar-bones and diamonds—but in plain white with lace fuzz.

The small leaves were perfectly formed, very soft, veined and scalloped, with a fine fuzz and a glistening sparkle.