Gab [verb]

Definition of Gab:

talk a lot

Synonyms of Gab:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gab:

Sentence/Example of Gab:

If he could have barked, his meaning would have carried more convincingly, but he "hauded 'is gab" loyally.

Some persons start their gab carburetors, and they talk and talk mechanically, without any effort spent in thinking.

Another interest was what he called with pretended scorn, "Gregg's gab-fests."

"The gift of the gab" was one, and "He'd argue black was white" another.

Nine-tenths of the Victorian members possess at least the gift of the gab.

He could look unutterable things, but he had not, as he himself expressed it, "the gift of the gab."

Yet, for the gift of the gab, for gossip and scandal, give me a few old men together in the smoke-rooms of their clubs.

Aaron was a fine-appearin' man, and so was Jake for that matter, 'n' they both had the gift o' gab.

You have all the tricks of the stage hero—secret passages, fancy weapons, and—crowning glory—a fatal gift of gab!

Mebbe I ought to have stuck in my gab before, but I was figurin' that mebbe you wouldn't go to crowdin' him so close.