Gabardine [noun]

Definition of Gabardine:

sleeveless coat

Synonyms of Gabardine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gabardine:


Sentence/Example of Gabardine:

The peddler's couch was empty, save for his gabardine of gray and the false hair that had served him for a beard.

Hall spread his brown gabardine jacket in the moss bank adjacent to a small stream.

Simon passed his hand roughly over him and felt a fat clean-shaven face, and a cloth gabardine which hung to the ankles.

She presented a dainty figure in cream gabardine and a broad-brimmed straw hat which suited her admirably.

And, looking into the future with the ambitious eye of conscious cleverness, he saw the paternal gabardine over-glooming his life.

Probably cotton or gabardine, something like that that would repel water probably, and that is just my own opinion.

We had overalls of two different materials: Burberry "gabardine" and the ordinary green kind that is used in Norway in the winter.

It had been made by our able sailmaker, Rionne, and was of very thin windproof gabardine.

They are compelled to wear one costume—a long black gabardine and a black skull-cap.

"Now, Bill, out with the bingo," said the man in the gabardine to his companion.