Gabbling [verb]

Definition of Gabbling:

talk a lot

Synonyms of Gabbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gabbling:

Sentence/Example of Gabbling:

The excitement and gabble were worse than the Dean case, or Federation, and sickened me, for they were all on the wrong track.

But no flight of arrows rattled among the boughs, and all we heard was the gabble of excited voices.

The lovely gabble of the cranes and the wild swans comes back to me whenever I think of the place.

"You must be drunk yourself to come here waking me up in the middle of the night, to hear this idle gabble," said Louis angrily.

Two incidents alone relieved the dead level of idiocy and incomprehensible gabble.

O thou philosophic Teufelsdrockh, that listenest while others only gabble, and with thy quick tympanum hearest the grass grow!

It seemed to be sufficiently clear—that gesture—for the Chinaman began to gabble to his friends.

Anyhow she looked worried and Olindy Cahoon's dressmakin' gabble is enough to worry anybody.

Steve introduced me round, and I like girls all right, but Susan's kind of spoiled me for the way most of them gabble.

At a hint of explanation from Edwards, the guttural gabble rattled up to the shrill vowels.