Gable [noun]

Definition of Gable:

building covering

Synonyms of Gable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gable:


Sentence/Example of Gable:

Tim's letter was in my pocket and the sun was still high over the gable of the mill.

The wall finishes in a gable and the whole west wall is a true termination of the nave which lies behind.

And yet you appreciate so keenly my old enamels, and your eye seeks out, in a minute, a picturesque roof or gable.

In a few minutes, the gable end where the chimney was built, in its turn, sank into the abyss.

The regular form of the buildings was rectangular, the gable sides probably being shorter than the others.

It has a pretty western gable, which can only be fully appreciated by close inspection.

Turning round, we notice a pretty four-light window in the western gable.

The gable ends are generally broad slabs, rounded off to the ridge-pole.

I found my uncle at the gable-end, watching the signs of the weather, with a pipe in his fingers.

The great pointed arch which framed the gable windows gave exceptional grace to the faade (photos, p. 73).