Gad [verb]

Definition of Gad:

roam about

Synonyms of Gad:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gad:


Sentence/Example of Gad:

We all agreed that Gad's Hill alone would be well worth a trip from London.

I gad, when the teachings of a man's mother leave him unfinished there isn't a great deal of encouragement for the wife.

And I was never so much of a man as you now make me, and, I gad, I'm going to be worthy of your friendship.

By gad, I'll overhaul my office force from the errand-boy up, as soon as I get back home!

You recollect that voice girl we saw in the coach; 'gad, I served her spouse that is to be a praetty trick!

The hours go by; the Pangoniae and the Gad-flies desert my umbrella; the Scoliae grow weary and gradually disappear.

But the fugitive, as though stung by a gad-fly, continued to plunge madly over sea and continent.

At the moment when urgent necessity is sending up prices, one of them brings me a magnificent Gad-fly intended for the Bembex.

Oh, it's all very well for you Johnnies to gas like that—but, by Gad, you didn't seem over-anxious to stand fire yourselves.

I've got a ten-acre orange grove now and two hundred acres of alfalfa and a foreman who lets me gad!